24 Y.O. Tawny


Elegant, Rich + Complex.

This is truly an exceptional and unique Tawny. It has been blended with 6 individual parcels to create a complex and elegant wine. It all starts with the colour, rich tawny with hues of yellow, orange and green. Toffee, roasted nuts, butterscotch, coffee, chocolate, liquorice, vanilla, dried fruits and a lovely depth of sweetness, with an elegant dry finish.

Wine Notes

In 1974 Neil &Kaye bought several barrels of a 6-year-old tawny so it has been following us for the last 43 years (so now 48 year old tawny) as we have moved from wine region to another. As the wine concentrated Neil was able to top the barrels with tawny he’d made and the wine continued to concentrate and mature. We never knew what we were going to do with this wine, as it became so concentrated and too intense to drink as an individual wine. And far too much to drink!

After we had started Jericho Wines the children said that we had to make a fortified wine so it was obvious that the original barrels of tawny would form the foundation of a unique blend. Younger tawny components, 12 and 15 years, have been blended with the foundation barrels to produce this wine of an average age of 24 years.

Neil’s background in fortified wine making.

Neil worked at Campbell’s and Brown Brothers producing fortified wines. Under took a vintage in Portugal in 1990 and worked for Taylor Fladgate and Yeatman studying the art of port production. During the wine making years at Campbells and Brown Brothers Neil won over 90 gold medals and 18 trophies for fortified wines in Australian wine shows.

Food Pairing

Rich cheeses.



Extremely Limited to 244 hand bottled, labelled, wax dipped, individually signed, numbered and dated bottles.

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